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Signature Level I basic package - starting at $150 for the average car

This service also includes:

  • Floor mats steam-cleaned

  • Tires and wheels cleaned and a durable, solvent-based tire dressing is applied

  • Interior vacuuming

  • Panels and center console dusting

  • Interior and exterior glass cleaning

And finally...

Before calling the job "done", we'll check your vehicle over for any missed dirt or streaks. You'll love the way your car looks with our professional-level detailing. Our knowledge and products take detailing to a whole new level!

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This package is a good place to start if you've never had detailing service. Allow at least 4-5 hours for Mike's Prestige Detailing to complete this service.

  • Vehicle is hand-washed using PH-neutral car soap and a two-bucket grit system, so that tar and fallout are removed. Please note: If there is excessive tar and or fallout, there will be additional charges.

  • Vehicle is decontaminated with the clay bar. The clay bar cleans and safely removes contaminants below the paint surface that will grip or even penetrate the clear coat. The clay bar leaves the paint, feeling slick and smooth.

  • Durable paint sealant is applied to give the paint a deep and brilliant shine with the highest protection and durability.

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