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Intensive Ultimate Level II - starting at $285 for the average car

  • Vehicle is hand-washed using PH-neutral car soap, and a two-bucket grit system, tar and fallout removed, please note if there is excessive tar and or fallout there will be additional charges.

  • Vehicle is decontaminated with the clay bar. The clay bar cleans and safely removes contaminants below the paint surface that will grip or even penetrate the clear coat. The clay bar leaves the paint feeling slick and smooth.

  • Durable paint sealant is applied to give the paint a deep and brilliant shine with the highest protection and durability. Paint Sealants are made of polymers, which are composed of tens of thousands of synthetic particles that are linked together. When a sealant bonds to your vehicle's paint, it forms a rigid shell.

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Trusted by the experts

Our locally owned and operated business has been providing professional detailing to the Youngstown area since 1984. Our reputation now extends across the country, and we have detailed cars for the Barret-Jackson Auction, autos that were displayed at the SEMA Show as well as the Mecum Car Auction, Good Guys Shows, Super Chevy, and the Summit Car Show.

  • Interior is purged with air and then vacuumed to remove all dirt from in between seats and crevices.

  • Steam cleaning of interior, followed by a hot water extraction of the seats, carpets, and floor mats

  • Tires and wheels cleaned and a durable, solvent-based tire dressing is applied

  • Headliners are assesed to see if they can be safely cleaned. Pet hair removal is an extra charge.  

  • Leather door panels, dash, and cup holders are cleaned, sanitized, and dressed with a non-greasy water-based dressing

  • Final visual inspection

When you want your car or truck absolutely looking its best, go for the Level II detailing. Please allow Mike's Prestige Detailing 8 or more hours to complete this service. Here's what it includes:

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