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Ozone treatment for your interior - $49 for all vehicles

This special interior treatment option will make your car smell like new. Ozone treatment is an odor eliminator and sanitizer that does not hide the odor, but kills all bacteria and germs. This service is perfect for people with allergies relating to scent, food spills, animal odors, or smoke. Ozone treatment leaves your car smelling incredibly clean.


Vehicle has to stay overnight for this service. The interior must be thoroughly cleaned before this service can be done.

We go above and beyond!

Mike's Prestige Detailing attends to every detail, including the interior of the car. From simple dusting and floor mat cleaning to steam cleaning and headliner disinfecting, we offer everything needed to make the inside of your vehicle look, feel, and smell like new. If you plan to sell your car, our detailing service will help you get the top dollar, whether you're trading in or selling to a private individual.

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Interior detailing starts at $135 for the average car

The interior is purged with air to remove all dirt from in between seats and crevices, then vacuumed.  We then pre-scrub and sanitize your car's seats and carpet, following with an extractor. If your car has leather interiors, door panels, dash and cup holders are cleaned, sanitized, and dressed with a non-greasy water-based dressing. Inside windows are cleaned thoroughly.


Headliners are assessed to see if they can be safely cleaned. Pet hair removal is an extra charge.


For this service, 4-6 hours are needed so the interior can be completely dried.

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